It all started as a vision...

...that we can provide highly skilled bill review personnel in the health care industry (not data entry personnel)

...that companies can surely realize increased PPO savings and reduce operational cost

...that companies can continue to focus on their core business while we apply our specialized knowledge in the fields of Medical Bill Review and Administrative Services

IOS Consulting, LLC is the product of these visions. With over ten years of bill review experience, IOS Consulting, LLC has exceptionally mastered the bill review system and medical administration to where it works towards your advantage.

We have the blueprint for success. Backed with the most qualified workforce, we can show you the roadmap to avoid unnecessary fines, audit medical provider bills, minimize exposure to over-utilization and apply discounts available through our Preferred Provider Networks and other negotiated agreements. We review accuracy of coding and ensure existence of adequate documentation substantiating the procedure, treatment and charges.

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