The question continues to be asked, "Why does the cost of occupational injury continue to increase progressively?" While society still desperately attempts to control the cost of occupational injury by various stratagems such as Health Maintenance Organizations and regulated fees under Medicare and Medicaid, there is still no quick fix to this problem. IOS Consulting, LLC found its niche by reducing the non-medical cost of work-related injuries through the application of our extensive knowledge on Medical Bill Review, Utilization Management, Preferred Provider Network, and aggressive Medical Management Program.

  • Medical Bill Review Services
  • Retrospective Review Services
  • Complex Review Services
  • Utilization Management Services
  • Medical Administrative Services
  • Levels of Disputes Services (Texas Only)
  • Compliance and Practices
  • Customized Services
  Increased PPO Savings
  Decreased Over
  Reduced Backlogs
  Compliance with State
  Enhanced Medical
  Efficient Administrative
  Bill Review Expertise
  IOS Consulting, LLC
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